28th September 2011

Slightly milder last night though still a heavy dew. A few nice moths in the trap : Brick, Black Rustic, Frosted Orange, Green-brindled Crescent and Brindled Green plus a load of wasps! Jays were calling madly in the woods.

Lunchtime was glorious - hotter than the summer! Walked down to the lakes. There were lots of fish swimming; some really big carp in lake 1 - which must have been put there as the lake was drained just two years ago!
A couple of large ?Roach in lake 1
Further down in Barnes Dell  there is the distinct smell of toffee in the air! This comes from the rotting leaves of the Katsura Tree. They have a very high sugar content and this taints the air with an odour of toffee as they rot - fantastic!
Katsura Tree leaves

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