27th September 2011

Warm sunny days are all very well but they lead to cold nights which are useless for moths! The trap this morning had 2 - a Lesser Yellow Underwing and a Grey Pine Carpet plus a load of flies. There's always tomorrow!
Our lone Almond tree has produced a few fruits. I must have past this tree for years and not noticed it - it's by the steps at the end of the Terrace that lead to the Clock House. The droplets that you see on the photo below are drops of resin that exude from the outer coating of the fruit - a typical feature of Almond. You can see more information here.

Lunchtime was glorious so went down to the newly restored Environment & Sustainability Building that used to be Home Farm. It is the most fantastic place for wildlife - a bit late in the year now but even so, there were numerous Common Darters but the potential is huge. A pity that the whole area is destined to be built on so make the most of it now!
Hub Building with IC2 behind and left and the Medical School to the right

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