12th September 2014

Moth trapping very poor given the cold nights of late - just a few tatty Large Yellow Underwings and Lesser Yellow Underwings. This morning though we had a Brindled Green; not a common moth here.

9th September 2014

The Walled Garden gets very cold on these clear nights and moth numbers are very reduced. Today we had the first Red-green Carpet of the autumn plus a late Rivulet. Chiffchaff was in full song!

Red-green Carpet


3rd September 2014

Getting autumnal now! Little of note in the moth trap - more non-moths than moths! Plenty of wasps, caddisflies and these dung beetles. There was one September Thorn though.

Dung beetle - Aphodius sp.

September Thorn

22nd August 2012

Not much in the moth trap but two new plants for Keele growing in the Walled Garden and obviously "weeds of cultivation".
Buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum

6th August 2014

Rained in the night and very little of note in the moth trap; apart from an Oak Hook-tip. Interestingly a Willow Warbler was calling - my first at Keele this year! To think we used regularly to get 20 singing birds.

Found a new plant for Keele growing by the path at the Observatory - Bugloss Anchusa arvensis.


Oak Hook-tip

4th August 2014

A cold night so moth trap numbers were down. However I did get a Pine Carpet which was a new moth for Keele!

1st August 2014

It's been fairly hum drum in the moth trap until this morning when there was a stunning Black Arches. It's an oakwood species that has been slowly spreading northwards across the county. It's a first for Keele; first for SJ84 and a first for me too! So, a good day.