15th July 2015

A new Soldierfly Oxycera rara - in the moth trap of all places. Pretty little thing. Also Dioryctria abietella; both new to Keele and both local in distribution in the county. Other than that its very drab with Large Yellow Underwings, Dark Arches and Heart and Darts!

Dioryctria abietella

Oxycera rara

9th July 2015

A cold night so reduced numbers in the trap. There was a nice fresh Green Arches and Light Emerald though.

Green Arches

Light Emerald

2nd July 2015

Red-letter day today. Marasmarcha lunaedactyla the Crescent Plume-moth is a first for Staffordshire! It's a weird record as the species feeds on Rest Harrow which is a rare plant in North Staffs.

1st July 2015

Moth numbers at last starting to pick up but nothing "mega" yet. Still, it's nice to see those below.

Female Ghost Moth

The Miller

Peach Blossom

10th June 2015

Still very few moths in the trap - too cold at night. However one of the 3 last night was a new moth for Keele - the White-pinion Spotted. It's not uncommon in the county these days.

4th June 2015

Sometimes you just fall lucky! Passing a tree at the bottom of Keele Hall lawn I came across this ichneumon Rhyssa persuasoria ovipositing into a rotting bit of a Noble Fir. What an amazing insect!


3rd June 2015

The last week has been dire for moths - non at all for 3 nights - quite exceptional for this time of year. Last night there were only 5, but one of those was a superb Eyed Hawk-moth which I last caught in 2012.