15th August 2012

The moth trap is getting full - of Large Yellow Underwings and little else of note. There were 150 of them last night!

A walk round the top lake yesterday revealed a large shoal of carp, basking in the sunshine.

I have been doing some flower surveys recently and took the opportunity to visit Home Farm where I found several plants new to the campus, albeit temporary weeds of cultivation that may not be around next year - Fool's Parsley and Least Yellow Sorrel. Also a few members of the Goosefoot family with the wonderful names of Good King Henry and Fat-hen.

Part of the catch of Large Yellow Underwings  (1 Lesser Yellow Underwing bottom right)

Large Yellow Underwing
Argyresthia brockeella

Ypsolopha sequella
Carp swimming in the top lake

Fool's Parsley - note the long bracts hanging down

Two Goosefoots - Good King Henry and Fat-hen by Home Farm

Least Yellow-sorrel by Home Farm

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