20th February 2014

Rained over night but there were three moths in the trap - a Satellite and two Pale Brindled Beauties.

The Walled Garden contains the remains of the recent gales - quite a sight!

Good time to look for leaf mines on blackberry leaves. These trails are left by the caterpillars of a small moth (3mm). It lives between the upper and lower surface of the leaf and leaves a trail as it eats away the cellulose. The trail gets wider as the caterpillar gets bigger! Each species of moth in the genus leaves a characteristic trail and each one has a specific foodplant. So if you know the plant you can identify the moth - even though it's long gone! This one is very common.
Stigmella aurella leaf mine in Blackberry
Signs of spring in the Walled Garden with Seven-spot Ladybird and Red Dead-nettle.
Seven-spot Ladybird

Red dead-nettle

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