6th August 2013

Cold night reduced moth numbers by half. The species we are getting now have a very autumnal feel - Scalloped Oak, Six-striped Rustic, Copper Underwing.

The eggs on the students' veg have hatched out - at least those they have missed!
Large White larvae - they eat the eggshell before starting on the veg!
Had a walk at lunchtime up to the Sustainability Hub where I found Ribbed Melilot - new to Keele
Ribbed Melilot
Then moved on to the site of the old nursery. It's looking good with a selection of common and unusual "weeds". Bristly Ox-tongue was new to Keele while Corn Spurrey was last seen in the 1980s so was nice to confirm its presence. The diminutive Swinecress Coronopus squamatus was another addition to the Keele list.

Bristly Ox-tongue

Corn Spurrey


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