27th March 2013

After all the snow and sub-zero temperatures I was amazed to find a moth in the trap - a Satellite!

Took a walk down Clock House Drive. There were plenty of snowdrifts. The farmer had dumped a load of green manure at the side of the Drive and it was steaming nicely. There were 15 Blackbirds and a Song Thrush feed around it.

We he recently been given the use of a field to the side of the Drive for use as a memorial planting area. It has been levelled and sown with grass seed. Hopefully it will be a nice area to sit and relax with paths and seats plus of course trees. We intend to plant out our remaining cherries but hope to be able to plant other trees in memoriam. More about that later.

A very cold Satellite!

Clock House Drive

The new memorial planting area from Clock House Drive

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