28th May 2012

Another hot day yesterday (25C) but clear skies overnight brought only a handful of moths but among them was a lovely Alder Kitten. Others included Heart and Dart, Ruddy Highflyer, Angle Shades, Common Swift and Grey Pine Carpet.

Alder Kitten
Went around the Phase 3 / Sustainability Hub site at lunchtime. By now it should have been full of buildings, and no doubt it will be eventually, but at the moment it is a super place for wild flowers and insects. The ponds are looking good with Yellow Flag and Ragged Robin and we observed young dragonfly larvae coming to the surface to breathe. A few Large Red Damselflies  and Blue-tailed Damselflies were on the wing.

Yellow Flag and Ragged Robin

Phase 3 and the Sustainability Hub. Note the new wind turbine on the left - unusual design.

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